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Effective and modern solutions

Why choose us?

Over 40 years of experience, high quality products, proven solutions.

Arstec Polska is present on the Polish market since 2014, and Arstec in Norway since 1979.

We are constantly looking for the best solutions for you. Check here to see Arstec in Norway.

Business relationships with Noway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria give us an opportunity to offer you solutions that are proven in various countries.

We co-operate with producers in Denmark, Austria, China, USA. Thanks to the contact with them we share with you international experience in the field of engineering.

We offer the highest quality products, we introduce enviromental friendly solutions for roads.

Only the highest quality of products from the best producers, innovative solutions, check out our ecologically friendly solutions for roads.

The product we offer are available in Poland. We sell to customers accross the country. Next day delivery.

Our products are used by customers in all the country. We guaranree the whole range of products in stock. Quick deliveries are available also directly to construction site.

Our Products

Wide range of cement and asphalt products

High quality reactive repair asphalt.

Ease of use and speed of surface repairs make our product a market leader.

Great Possibilities

Road surfaces

Our repair concrete and repair asphalt are relevant for all types of pavements.

High durability

Our top quality asphalts can withstand high traffic loads. Check video here.

Time saving

Very quick repairs can be done within a few minutes for potholes.

Quality certificates

Our CE-marked reactive asphalt meets the requirements for hot asphalt.

Quick repairs

No need of traffic organisation project.

Fast delivery

We ensure fast deliveries, also straight to construction site.


Our clients talk about us

Our Gallery

In the gallery you can see our realizations and work done using the products offered by our company.